About Woman Musings


Not so about us, but about YOU.

The connotation "Woman Musings" came about on a workday afternoon at a round table meeting, when our web designers politely urged us to come up with a name soon.

The year was 2019,the season was nearing the Spring equinox, and both of us came up with this concept of creating something meaningful, that will empower the modern working woman.

We see her as progressive, decisive, nurturing yet assertive. The multiple roles that she carries out changes the way society moves, compared to, let's say, a decade or two ago.

So, we hope to be cheerleaders and her companion throughout her journey, as she moves the world, to inspire her, to listen to her and be there with her.

We hope she will also share her experiences with us and let us know, we are all in this together.

And thus, this is how Woman Musings came about.