It Was One of Those Nights

It Was One of Those Nights
We booked a yatch for a night at Antibes, somewhere along the French Riviera. It was a fine vessel, moored to the dock and had a new coat of paint.

As the sun set in the horizon beyond the jetty, we took out all our accessories, put on some music titled “On a Night Like This”, sung by Caro Emerald and took photos on the hull of the yatch. We  danced simply, throwing caution to the wind amidst the curious lingering looks of our neighbours next to us, an elderly Parisian couple.

I threw on my brown chequered playsuit, brought along a large bath towel and we headed off to the beach, a mere 3 minutes away. Strolling on the sands barefooted, we put on our sunnies as the bright ball of orange reflected in our glasses. We talked about our dreams, plans, everyday insecurities, marveled at this gorgeous sunset, then headed into the blue Cote d’Azur waters.

Come darkness, we hailed a taxi and went for dinner. I picked a Chinese restaurant, craving for the familiar Asian palate that eluded us for the past one week. It was called “Hong Yun” , directly translating into La Fortune. We ordered a little too much, with the spread of dishes filling up the whole tabletop.

The waiter resembled a familiar face, and both of us felt equally anxious whenever he came to serve us. I think I was trying hard not to steal glances intently, but it might as well be a miserable failure.

More conversation flowed during dinner, we reminisced our fondest memories of our formative years, of our times spent writing poetry and short stories during those rainy afternoons in high school.

Much to our coincidence, the same taxi who brought us there was the one who sent us back. This shows how intimate this small town was…..

It was a summer night, and the air was humid with cicadas humming on the short stroll from the marina to our yatch. We had to use the general shower facilities in the marina, and interestingly enough, the water stopped halfway during showering, so I had to run back to the yatch, took 2 Euro and put it into the coin dispenser.

The night skies were dotted with small sparkling stars. And as we lay on the deck, with the Mediterranean air billowing softly, we smiled. We finally made this trip.

On a night like this.
Jamaline C.
True believer of the art of loving yourself. Jamaline sees people in all walks of life coping with difficulties as her profession.