What Women Want?

What Women Want?

One of our close university mates shared some good news with us today.

He is going to be a first-time father. His beautiful wife is expecting their first child and is currently 20 weeks into the pregnancy.

We sent our congratulations and I genuinely felt happy for them as I knew he’s going to be one of the best parents I’d come across.

While we were chatting, I casually asked him what he thinks of what women want, in this current era of digital technology and instant gratification.

He took a while to answer, and he listed down 4 items, which are Security, Adoration, Affection and Assurance.

All of which sounds pretty reliable to me.

Security is a basic instinct which is instilled in women, to feel secure can mean either in a healthy loving relationship, or feeling grounded, or even being being part of a warm and safe home.

During lunch yesterday, I had a chat with my BFF and managed to get some input from her regarding this topic as well. So, this came from the perspective of a high value woman who was respected, both in her inner and outer circles.

She mentioned 2 things- Appreciation and Support

A lot of women are naturally giving beings who put in a lot of effort for people they care and love. Some of them even put the needs of their loved ones above them, happily so. They do this, because they have a larger than life capacity to keep giving. They are sensitive to the physical and emotional needs of people around them

So, if they feel appreciated, it just makes things all worthwhile. There’s no need for grand gestures such as jewelry or a holiday. Simple gestures such as saying thank you, and validating the effort they’ve put in means a lot. For working women, sometimes, even coming back from an exhausting working day to a home cooked meal work wonders.

Being supported in your endeavors means being understood and accepted for who you truly are. Support can come in many different forms- emotionally, financially, making sure you’re doing alright….and the list goes on. In the workplace, having support from your bosses and fellow colleagues kind of make women feel more motivated and empowered. At home, feeling support from family members and spouses make women more energized to go about their daily activities. They have a spring in their step and a glow on their face to take on the world

Some guys also felt that the ability to surprise women plays a part as well. For me, I felt tempted to concur because the effort put into the surprise counts a lot, and it also polishes things in the long run when jaded times come.

One of my close friends also mentioned she would want to have good health, happiness and companionship.

In order to have a meaningful life, we ought to take good care of our physical form. And I can’t stress enough the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. We should eliminate the couch potato lifestyle, take the stairs, bring the whole family out for walks and runs in the park, and eat healthily. I find eating foods in their most original form and eliminating hidden sugars help in making me more alert for a longer period of time. And of the course the old adage which goes by as “”Health is Wealth” rocks!

We are responsible for our happiness and own well being. We can be happy, if we want and choose to be happy. Not giving in to external circumstances takes a lot of practice, but at the end of the day, it shapes us to be better people.

Once we are aware of what we want, let’s put on a red cape and save the world!

Jamaline C.
True believer of the art of loving yourself. Jamaline sees people in all walks of life coping with difficulties as her profession.