Magical Moments

Magical Moments

Have you ever experienced any of those?

I’m sure most of you did, and reminiscing those moments still bring a smile to our lips, and recollecting it feels as fresh as it did happen yesterday.

Here, I would like to share with all of you not one, but two magical moments I’ve experienced recently

Paris in August

If you guys happen to browse through the “About” page in our website, there’s a photo of us, seated next to each other on a chilly August morning in Paris.

That moment was captured by a talented Indonesian photographer, whom we had the chance of working with during that trip.

Eryn lent me her accessories (note to self to bring OWN pearl necklace and posh sunglasses) and we had to get up as early as? 5 o’clock in the morning to make our way to the Trocadero Gardens.

The shoot was energetic and it felt adventurous rushing to 3 different locations just to get capture the dawn sunlight at the right amount.

We concluded at a quaint café with red and blue checkered chairs, and when I finally bit into that Pain au chocolat, I got caught up with the morning hustle and bustle hive. Then it hit me, that we’ve managed to be in Paris, just like how we were discussing it when we were 14 years old, on a slow afternoon in a classroom with a rusty whirring ceiling fan.

Sound of Music in Salzburg

You must have somehow come across or heard about this movie- The Sound of Music, starring Julie Andrews in this 1965 musical drama.

I joined a tour with my family a few years ago, and one of the countries we visited was Austria.

A country rich in history and art, with mesmerizing landscape, we marveled at the city’s architecture.

Our tour guide decided to play the movie – The Sound of Music nearing Mirabelle Gardens, the exact spot where the movie was shot half a century ago.

I could not wish for more at that moment, to be in a beautiful city, with people I treasure, on a wonderful trip, a feast for my eyes and ears.

“The hills are alive, with the sound of music…...”

As I’m writing this, I envision my next magical moment- and what that may be ?

Jamaline C.
True believer of the art of loving yourself. Jamaline sees people in all walks of life coping with difficulties as her profession.

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