The Impact of Compliments

The Impact of Compliments

All right, folks.

Picture this.

You start your Monday at work on a bleary morning, and when you enter the lift, stranger smiles at you and says “Oh I really love your shoes, they’re so classy!”

And when you enter your workplace, a co-worker approached you and says “Great smile today””

And you realize, Monday isn’t so bleary after all. Even though the skies outside are downright downcast. And work is piling up like nobody’s business.

Because you’ve just received two hits of morphine.

Right into the front part of your brain.

Studies in New York and Japan showed that compliments triggers the same reward centres in the brain, with some even linking receiving compliments akin to getting cash.

So, with that added boost, that Monday seemed pretty tolerable.

And when you get home, your partner paid you another compliment during dinner, saying he really appreciates you making dinner despite your busy workday, and he liked the baked chicken you’ve made.

And somehow, the dreary load of a heavy Monday seemed to lighten a little, and you find yourself humming a favourite tune in the shower.

Paying compliments to others help as well

Telling your neighbour their lawn looks well manicured, or telling a relative their child appears to be well behaved, and seeing smiles light up on their faces make you genuinely happy too

Well meaning compliments go a long way.

I see a smile spreading on your face.

Well then, cheers.

Jamaline C.
True believer of the art of loving yourself. Jamaline sees people in all walks of life coping with difficulties as her profession.