The Wonders of Being in Your Thirties

The Wonders of Being in Your Thirties

Now, now, is there anyone reading this who just stepped into your 30’s?

If you are, this is likely to be one of the most wonderful period of any woman’s life.

Financially sound

Most of the modern working women I’ve come across with in this particular age group have been working at their job for a many good years now, some even surpassing more than a decade.

They are efficient, professional, and passionate about what they’re doing. And because of being good at their job, they’re achieved a level of financial independence and the perks that come with it.

Increased awareness of health

The modern working woman has more awareness and the means to lead a healthy lifestyle

According to Mayo Clinic (the number One hospital in the USA), we should aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day. These include brisk walking, swimming etc. So, take the stairs instead of pressing the lift button to your office.

Invest in that gym membership and utilize it well too.

Personally, I like to jog outdoors and feel the slight breeze, and I really feel more alert 2 hours after I finish. That helped me in revising for my exams with a better state of mind.

Quiet your mind

The world enveloping us nowadays is a machine of hustle and bustle. Vehicles driving as soon as we step out of a building, colleagues talking and discussing during meetings, children at home making their unmet needs known to you.

Be it at malls, taking public transport (except in Japan-where it is really silent), walking at a park, we are surrounded by noise.

Take a few minutes a day, or even at least once a week, to sit down, close your eyes and just focus on your breathing.

Focus on how you breathe in, all the senses in your body, hold your breath, and breathe out slowly. Put your hand on your abdomen to feel your tummy expanding and vice versa as you breathe. And think of nothing else .Give yourself a peace of mind.


Or, better still, try meditation or yoga.


A quiet mind beats a frazzled one.


Having the means to be financially sound means you could afford a little travel plans once or twice a year.

You could go somewhere nearby, a 3D2N staycation with your besties at the nearest town, or just take a short haul flight and go exploring by yourself( P/s: Be safe )

Or you could travel together with your significant other a.k.a personal bodyguard cum personal baggage handler to further destinations, to dip your toes in Maldives waters, or support the local tourism in Peru/Tibet or plan a Trans-Siberian railway adventure.

Being in a foreign place makes our senses more acute, our perspectives sharper, and makes us see the world in a more wholesome view.

A greater capacity to love

If you have a romantic partner at this period of time, you will realize the love you are able to give is more of a matured love.

Through trials and tribulations experienced in your 20’s, you’ve become more understanding, more giving, more selective and more self assured.

The anxiety and flightiness have disappeared.

In return, of course, you would appreciate a partner that is supportive of your endeavors and someone who is strong enough to withstand life’s not so great moments.


You give yourself more self -love.


Is there any other reasons why it’s a wonderful time to be in your thirties, tell me, in the comment box below.

Jamaline C.
True believer of the art of loving yourself. Jamaline sees people in all walks of life coping with difficulties as her profession.