What It Takes To Become A Bond Girl?

What It Takes To Become A Bond Girl?

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of us could have some qualities of a bond girl too! Throughout the years, Bond girls have evolved from vain pretty girls to independent, smart and bold characters. They not only in control of their own lives, they are good in manipulating men surrounding them.

So, you might be wondering, what it takes to become a Bond girl?

Stay pretty with minimal time

Impeccable is the word. They always look polished, however they don’t need a lot of time preparing themselves. To accomplish this, routine maintenance is very important. Feed yourself well, care for your skin and treat your hair nicely and you won’t need too much time to dress up for your next mission. To the bond girls, completing a mission is more important than appearance. Afterall, Bond has no time to wait for you to change your outfit, touch up your make up or arrange your hair :)

Body building

Bond girls are all dashing and fearless. So you should move a little and start toning up your body! Boxing, Pilates, Yoga or any kind of martial arts would be a good start to train up your muscle and shape your body curves.

Be brave

Bond girls cannot be timid. You can try to be more adventurous in your daily life by starting to look for excitements and challenges! Try something new, eat something different and do something that you have not done before~ It would make you a more interesting person to be with :)

Put on your bitch face

Be arrogant and show some attitude. It is very important to get Mr. Bond thinking how to win your heart and competing to seek your attention. Sometimes a princess, sometimes a queen; it’s part of the art of seduction.

I can do what Bond did

You must believe in yourself.

“Whatever Bond can do, I can do it better.”

I’m not interested in you…

Bond girls don’t depend or rely on men. Don’t call your man 5 times a day or track his activities. Be independent and spend some quality time upgrading yourself. In the movies, Bond girls appeared to be not interested in Bond at all, and it attracts him more that way!!


One of the quality every girl should possess. It includes one’s tastefulness, beauty appreciation capacity and education. My suggestion would be, read more books, well aware of the current news, speak softly and groom yourself well.


Can you ski? Fly a plane? Know how to shoot? Pick up a new interest and start learning new skills today. May it be antique appraisal, modify cars, wine tasting… Bond girls are always full of surprises…


Bond girls always set out their best to charm others. They are good in words, sharp and humorous. They have a lot of topics to share with anyone, anywhere. They left people wanting to know them more. Who would resist interesting girls?


Travelling inspires one to creatively live a life. It broadens your perspective and opens your eyes and heart to the world. It also breaks you out from your routine and exposes you to culture differences, changes and most importantly get you to start dreaming again.

Well, are you ready for more??

Someone actually created a Bond Girl Bootcamp to help girls to realize their dreams!

The missions includes:

  • helicopter training
  • survival defense combat skills
  • precision firearms skills
  • sizzling Argentine tango lesson
  • sword fighting
  • perfect poker skills
  • knock-em’ dead hair and makeup…

Impressive isn’t it???

At some point of our lives, we wish that we could be someone else, living a different lives. Well, this is your call. And you can make it happen today :)

Eryn W.
Wife and mother. Flirting between words and personal experience, she offers inspiration for women to stay positive and work hard.