Why Did I Take Up the Pen?

Why Did I Take Up the Pen?

Have you ever found anything that brings you solace and a deep sense of fulfillment?

“And by the way, everything in life is writeable, if you have the ongoing guts to do it. The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt.”

The quote above was penned by Sylvia Plath, an accomplished poet who passed away too young. She suffered from severe depression, and on 11th Feb 1963, she took her own life. She later became the first person posthumously to receive the Pulitzer prize for poetry.

I started writing in my early teens. As a young child, I’ve always felt contradicted, I wasn’t often at ease with myself. I would create paradoxes in my mind palace, enacting different shades of scenarios. I sought solace in books, voraciously devouring volumes of them when I was growing up. Mother had to hide books in closets, kitchen cabinets to I would not neglect house chores and the boring unattended schoolwork.

As I traipsed from page to page, my imagination spurted a growth, sometimes, so vivid and unbelieving that I had to tell my mind to calm down so

And then, when I picked up the pen, and put ink to paper, I felt a pleasant surprise when I found out I could clearly express and articulate my thoughts and emotions. Mundaneness dissipated when writing creates limitless possibilities.

From jotting down life’s triumphs and not so glorified moments, to putting to memory various travel experiences, to remembering different colorful and impressionable characters waltzing through life’s pages- I write to remember.

I’ve always been a romantic at heart, and I write to remember those beautiful moments in life. You know, the nuances we hardly take notice such as a curl of a smile, a hug too long, dainty daisies lining up an unnamed pavement, or the right temperature of sunlight hitting us on a Saturday morning.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some very inspirational people in my life, and their intellect and altruism struck me greatly so. And when I feel inspired, I write better. When I feel deeply moved by sadness, I write better too.

"You can make anything by writing" - C.S Lewis.

Jamaline C.
True believer of the art of loving yourself. Jamaline sees people in all walks of life coping with difficulties as her profession.